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    Most universities in USA ad Canada require the GRE. For admission to Masters and Ph.D. programs. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) assesses your capacity to achieve in graduate school. One of the most important components used by university admissions officers in deciding whether or not to accept you into their programs is your GRE score. As a result, it’s critical to study for the GRE and achieve the highest possible score.

    The GRE assesses three areas of skill: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Analysis.

    • The analytical writing section assesses your ability to express complicated ideas in clear, precise English prose using an essay) format. For each of the two activities in this section of the test, you will need to compose an essay. You should be able to type and operate a simple word processing program. This section is generally complex for most international students. Despite the fact that the GRE exam demands you to exhibit a comprehensive command of written English, the free-response style allows you to tailor your response to highlight your talents in whatever way you see fit.

    • The verbal reasoning section assesses your grasp of English vocabulary and reading comprehension through a multiple-choice style. The questions are typically analytical and need a finer mastery of the English language’s peculiarities. The verbal reasoning component will be the most difficult for most international students, especially those for whom English is not their first language. This portion necessitates a high degree of English comprehension; nonetheless, do not be discouraged – you just need to be prepared. If you’re worried about the GRE exam and your English, it’s simply a sign that you need to devote more time to study before taking the test.

    • The quantitative reasoning sections use a multiple-choice style to assess your capacity to do basic and advanced mathematical calculations. The quantitative reasoning part will likely be the easiest for most international students to master and will require the least amount of preparation. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t take it seriously. Spend some time revisiting basic mathematical formulae, with a particular focus on statistics.

    There are several ways to register for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). For most people, creating a GRE account and registering online is the most convenient option. You can, however, register for the GRE exam by mail or over the phone. The general GRE is currently $185, with each topic test costing $150. Extra services (such as test preparation services) are also offered for an additional cost.

    You can take the computer-based GRE at any time of the year in most countries. Additionally, in areas where computer connectivity is limited, you may be able to take the GRE using pencil and paper. Your GRE exam scores will be sent to the institutions you select, regardless of where they were taken or in what format, so they may compare them to the rest of your application.

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