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    Getting an internship position at Microsoft is hard but the meeting experience is advantageous for career growth and advancement. The intern programme offers one the chance to join the commercial, engineering or operations team. They offer the opportunity for interns to develop their natural talents and experience what will change how they see everything.

    Engineering interns are open to several benefits such as relocation allowance and an extremely competitive salary. They are also assigned to individual mentors who would help them walk through real projects and eventually take part in events organised throughout the period with the intern community.

    Applying to the internship program comes with several benefits. First, it gives the individual a good opportunity to grow by offering real projects and responsibilities from the first day. This comes with the side benefit of developing already discovered talents and discovering new ones.
    Also, one gets to meet and fellowship with other interns in the community. Furthermore, the mental, physical and financial well-being of the intern is the priority of the company. The salary is competitive alongside other great benefits and perks.

    Check out the steps and requirements.

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