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    Dorcas Ebuara

    Germans are well organized, structured, direct, and dedicated in all aspects of their lives. If you are new in Germany and you just got a job, congratulations! However, you should know a few things about how Germans like to work.
    In this article, few rules on the work culture will be pointed out to help guide your day-to-day work life in Germany.
     Punctuality: Germans are well known for being efficient and punctual. Showing up late at work could be considered very offensive and frowned upon. They have this notion of treating people’s time with respect. For example, if you have a meeting at work, you should be seated at least 5 minutes before it starts. Secondly, although this depends on your company and job, If you are expected to be at work at 9 am, and you open the door at 9 am, you are late.
    Punctuality also applies to meeting up with appointments on time. You do not want to keep the doctor waiting, time is precious to them.
    However, this is good culture because it makes you a more coordinated person as you wake up every day planning your day and working towards it.
     Know the difference between a co-worker and a Friend: finding friends in Germany can be very daunting, however, they are very Interesting and receptive people. In a work environment, there is a big distinguishment as it may take a lot to go beyond the work environment with a co-worker. However, it depends on how open, outgoing and modern the culture in the company is. Give them time to blend in with you and note that not everyone must be friends with you.
     Germans eat lunch Early: typical lunch hour for Germans is usually 11:30 am to 12:30 pm but then it depends on the job, work culture, and working hours because most Germans start work quite early between 7 am and 8 am. They are early birds, hence they tend to get hungry on time.
     Formality at work: Depending on work culture, some offices in Germany are a lot more rigid and formal compared to office environments in most English-speaking countries. There is a clear line between office and private life. In your discussions with colleagues outside the office, you should avoid talking about anything relating to work. In addition, working hours are not for chit-chat nor socializing. Work ends and begins at work!
     Reliability: In Germany, it is very important to be reliable. Always follow your deadlines and give reports to your boss or teammates when due; be honest and efficient. Avoid being laid back or nonchalant!
     If you are sick, stay at home: work culture in Germany encourages sick individuals to stay at home because the management does not want you infecting others. However, It is advisable to visit a doctor as you will have to show your employer a medical report.
     Dress code: it is generally known that you are addressed the way you are dressed. The dress code is a traditional German company that shows professionalism. Every occasion has its outfit, you do not want to show up at the office on a ripped Jean instead of suit trousers or a cropped top instead of a blouse. Do not forget to comb your hair properly and look neat.
    With these highlighted work cultures above, you can tell why Germans are among the most productive nations in the world. They work on average a few hours but get more work done. Follow these tips and you will have a great time working in Germany.
    Learning German is very essential in the German working environment. Click here for tips.

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