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    Deborah Etim

    The work ethics in Finland are more socially responsible, liberal, and tolerant than nearly anywhere else in the world. This is no wonder why Finland is always ranked as the happiest country in the world! However, like every other nation, working in Finland has some peculiar ethics that must be followed. If you just started working in Finland or are just curious about its work ethics, this post is for you!

    Teamwork and Responsibilities

    Employers generally consider everyone’s point of view or type of reasoning and its weight compared to others, and group dynamics are extremely obvious between coworkers. The employer and the staff both understand where the action plan is leaning. In most situations, simply concluding the conversation and putting the plan into action is sufficient. There is no time for dillydallying as everybody’s contribution is considered and decisions are made easily.

    Time Consciousness

    Although Finnish work culture is more liberal than most, they do not take their time for granted. Punctuality is an important factor here. You must be punctual to work and at every official meeting. Keeping others waiting is just plain rude and intolerable, learn to keep to time.


    The style of communication observed in the Finnish work environment is centered on boldness and honesty. Finnish people speak out and are always honest with what they say. As a foreigner working there, it would be advisable to adopt this style. Be outspoken but polite, and stick to being honest.


    National holidays and religious holidays are a great relief to people who are working all around the world as they take time out to spend time with their loved ones or just rest. However, the only recognized religious holidays in Finland are Christian Christmas and Easter. Other religious holidays are not observed.

    Equal Opportunities

    Every staff is given equal opportunity in Finnish workplaces. Discrimination based on race, gender, and other factors is greatly frowned at. Everybody has the right to share their opinions because it is believed that anyone can bring valuable contributions. When working in Finland, you can rest assured of the equal opportunities you can get, despite your race or gender.


    In Finland workplaces, modesty is a virtue. If you are working or plan on working there, be careful not to be seen as too proud, even if you attain the greatest achievement in the world, it is advisable to be modest at all times.

    In addition to all of these, we would like to add that learning Finnish is very crucial in the work environment. English is widely spoken in Finland but to blend in, learning Finnish would make it easier to communicate with your colleagues. Finnish work ethics are not very rigid but it is important to respect authority, even when they seem loose.

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