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    Taofikat Oduola

    Employer: Inscub

    Job Position: Video Editor/ Content Producer

    Job Type: Contract

    Work Hours: Full Time

    Salary: Not Specified

    Location: Work from Anywhere

    Job Description

    The perfect candidate for the job should be creative, great communication skills, an eye for details as well as relevant experience in capturing screen recordings as well and creating animation assets. You will be expected to work on several WordPress projects across WPMU DEV, CampusPress, and Edublogs. The job also requires you to team up with Documentation, Blog, Development, and Marketing teams to write and produce worthy tutorials, explainers, and sales content with the potential to capture interviews, testimonials, and other promotional materials.

    Job Requirements

    • In-depth knowledge of WordPress.

    • Ability to script in house.

    • An eye and talent for screen capturing, writing, and creating.

    • Capacity to turn out quality content quickly, and to continue improving existing content.

    • Production of voice overs in good American or other native English.

    • Must be creative and able to pay attention to detail.

    • Ability to capture still photography.

    • Television, film, photography, media studies or a performing arts degree will be beneficial but not necessary.

    Job Benefits

    • Attractive working conditions.

    • 28 days paid leave every year (up to 35 days).

    • Opportunities for paid travel to attend WordCamps and other industry conferences.

    • Up to 3 months paid service leave.

    • Up to 2 months salary bonus based on company growth targets.

    • Technology budgets every three years.

    Apply here.

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