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    Victor Omotosho

    Working while studying in Germany has different shades in conditions, especially for international students that want to make extra cash after paying their tuition, arriving in Portugal and have started their studies in this beautiful city.

    Foreign students from the EU/EEA area can work while they study in Portugal without any limitations or constraints from the government. But when it comes to foreign students, non-EU/EEA students (international applicants) can work part-time in Portugal for up to 40 hours or more during the holiday and in the summer months. You are asking why study in Portugal, of course, this is one of the perks.

    You will find out that picking up part-time work in Portugal is both convenient and rewarding, especially when you are working or doing a job that is in line with the course of study in which you are enrolled in the college or university. It is just like killing two birds with a stone

    You will have plenty of time for your studies and even some time left over for your own pursuits in a relatively laid-back work atmosphere. In big cities, it’s common to hear English spoken, and people in Portugal are often very kind.

    And when it comes to employment in Portugal, businesses and institutions do not discriminate on the basis of nationality or race.

    Your language ability will influence how well you communicate with coworkers and how well you handle certain duties in a foreign language, making it a crucial consideration in landing a decent job.

    That is why you should start learning Portuguese from the moment you start your studies there, it will help you in the world of works

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