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  • Donald Nweke

    October 19, 2021 at 7:23 am

    Application procedure for the EXCHANGE STUDENTS (visa for the non-EU citizens)
    When applying for a D-type visa the following documents are required:
    a valid travel document;
    a visa application form filled out and signed;
    a photography;
    a health insurance policy (min coverage is 42 686 Euro);
    a copy of the Learning agreement (original must be presented);
    a copy of a document approving the place of accommodation in Latvia (original must be presented);
    a document confirming the necessary subsistence – confirmation of scholarship or a reference/letter from applicants bank (on an official form) about the state of the applicant’s account, presenting available financial funds for the visa period. The amount of living expenses should be at least 14 EUR per day for the whole period of stay.
    Apply for the visa approx. 1 month before the 90-days period expires.
    Contact the International cooperation centre and ask for an Invitation.