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  • Michael

    November 16, 2021 at 4:30 pm

    Good question, and I will answer it by asking, what are your motivations for moving abroad?
    What are you looking for on the long-term? Being able to answer this question from the start will help you narrow down which country to relocate to, and once you have a shortlist of maybe 5 countries, you can then check the requirements of each and then decide on which one is the first choice and the second choice.
    In your case, one of the reasons is the completion of your wife’s PhD abroad: This is a special one because she has already started the program. You’d have to find out which countries offer either the same or similar PhD program, and would it be possible to transfer the credit and complete her studies in the new location.

    Also, you may want to check with her what her plans after the Doctorate is – work within the academic sector, be a researcher, move to the industry or start her own business??
    Of course, it may not be easy to have it all worked out, but you’ll at least have a sense of which direction you want to go.
    How about you, the husband? How about the kids (if any)? What is the plan for them? You should think about a country that is family-friendly and that incorporates this in their work system….
    I hope this makes some senses to you.