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  • Michael

    June 10, 2021 at 4:58 pm

    When it comes to applying for jobs in Germany, I always tell people to see themselves as consultants coming to solve one or two problems in the company that would hire them.

    German employers will take you as long as you have what they need; that implies that you should search for jobs in companies that you truly know you can solve the challenges that come with the role.

    Your educational qualifications are important, but more important are the practical skills that you posses.

    I have over 3 years of work experience in Germany as an international talent and would be happy to guide anyone considering to move to Germany for work. Just let me know.

    PS: I think Indians can apply for a 6 months work search visa to Germany. So you get this visa to come search for a job in Germany, and once you get one within this time, are allowed to stay and work. @Rpatel could you confirm this?