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  • Destiney Arkaden

    April 29, 2022 at 6:53 am

    Canada is not really easy to migrate to. I mean, it keeps getting difficult every year. Perhaps what attract people to Canada is first and foremost the languages (English & French). For students, it involves a lot of capital investments, except you secure a scholarship. For workers, it probably cost the same, except that you pay in your time mostly.

    In other locations, Europe for example, coming as a student isn’t that expensive – I mean there’s the blocked account requirement and stuff, but at the end, you’re not spending that money externally. This is what @Wohks and I help students with for Germany.

    For jobs, you can safely secure a job from your home country, get a work visa and voila – you’re in Europe! Even more interestingly, you can get a Work Search Visa – a visa that allows you to enter the country and search for a job; once you secure a job, you can then apply for a permanent residence.

    @deborahetim once wrote about visa types in Europe. Not sure if this was mentioned.

    The point is, People should take the time to research wider – don’t just focus on a few options or locations; there are more opportunities out there 😁