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  • Favour Anefu

    June 23, 2022 at 7:06 pm

    I’m looking at RWTH and its process is the easiest to understand I’ve seen so far.🙏

    – C1 proficiency is required, but

    – With B2, one can be offered admission on the basis that after their second semester they take, and pass, a language test. If they don’t pass they won’t be allowed to register for (continue in) their third semester.

    – RWTH’s language center offers cours that run alongside course work—4 classes per week when school is on and 8 classes (intensive mode) when school is off.

    – I don’t think one can apply to RWTH’s language center. From what I could gather, on successful admittance, one will be shown “reserved” slots in the program, which they’re to pay for before a deadline.

    – Payment method is something called SEPA. I checked, and it seems one can’t pay from countries out Europe. Is this a problem?