Feeds Topics Study Abroad How can I study law in Germany? Reply To: How can I study law in Germany?

  • Wasana

    March 26, 2021 at 9:45 pm

    As @Chinedu already noted, you’d most likely have to study it in German.
    I was digging up a bit on this and found out that the way of teaching law in Germany is very much focussed on language; the vocabs may be challenging to someone who’s first language isn’t German. In addition to that, it could be that you are limited to the place of practice, mainly Germany and German speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland.
    It is similar to studying Medicine in Germany – there is no Bachelor nor Master – you study straight for 6 years and have to take a state examination at the end – which you need to pass, otherwise, you can forget the degree.
    Not to discourage, but just so you know what it take. I hope this helps.