Tuition-free education, an attractive opportunity for students to Germany

In all the 16 states in Germany, higher education is usually tuition-free for both German and international students in public universities. Actually, not just in higher institutions – education is free at all levels!

Perhaps you already know a bit about the German education system; is it quite distinct from the systems in many countries: The right to education is guided by the Grundgesetz > Recht auf Bildung, meaning the Basic Law (the German constitution) > Right to Education. This law gives the right to qualified candidates, including ‘foreigners’, to be educated free of charge in German public schools.

This tuition-free education opportunity is an attractive offer to people especially from developing countries who may not have the means to further their studies either in their home countries or abroad. You’d be surprised that studying abroad may sometimes be even cheaper than studying in your home country; this is so because, besides that tuition-free education, there are also ample opportunities for students abroad, especially in Germany.

One important thing to keep in mind though is the biannual semester contributions to be paid at the beginning of each semester – first and second semesters per year. The amount is usually between 120 – 350 EUR and is used for paying your transportation within the city/state of study. Interestingly, you’d pay more for transportation as a regular bus/train user: The cheapest transport ticket is about 63 EUR per month (Berlin price as at Dec. 2020) – which is about 378 EUR for 6 months.

Many of us have benefited from these wonderful opportunities and keeping reaping from it till date.

Where would you rather study this year?

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