Universities that offer paid internships in the UK


Before securing a permanent job, internships are an excellent way to get work experience. In this article, you will get to know the best UK universities that offer paid internship. outline the requirements for internships and how to apply.

Some of the top UK universities are in the top 10 in the world. The Universities provide everything, including top-notch education and lucrative job placements. One of the nicest aspects of this experience, though, is the internships you get to complete while in college.

They prepare you for the real world, help you bridge the gap between school and job, and even a little bit of pocket relief. Check out the  UK universities that offer paid internship as you read on.

Paid Internships in the UK for International Students

For international students looking for paid internships and job offers, the UK is one of the top countries. For many students, finding internships in the UK—paid or unpaid—is fun due of the country’s welcoming atmosphere and dedication to intercultural education.

Why think about studies and internship at UK universities?

  • Deserving students can apply for a range of scholarships and financial aid from UK universities.
  • The UK is a hub for top-notch education around the world.
  • Many international students who are enrolled in academic programmes have a strong chance of being hired for paid internships in the UK.
  • Programs with high demand, like MIM, MBA, MSc, and MA, have shorter durations.
  • Many reputable companies and prospective employers are especially interested in employing graduates and offering internship opportunities to students from the top colleges in the UK.
  • International students prefer the UK because it is simple to get a work permit after graduating.

Internships for international students are possible in the UK. 

Internships are a vital tool for many students to improve their communication and professional abilities. Because of this, a lot of UK Universities also provide undergraduate students with UK internships in addition to study timetables.

To begin with, only if it makes up no more than a third of your studies are you eligible to benefit from the opportunity of paid internships in the UK.

Do paid internships exist in the UK?

Unquestionably, this is the second most typical query from overseas students. There are universities in the UK that provide paid internships. Many international students also have part-time hourly jobs or internships.

You should always have an open mind concerning internships, even though both paid and unpaid opportunities exist in the UK.


Actually, the best prospects for internships are offered by a select group of renowned UK universities, including UCL and Imperial College London.

Students looking for a good employment offer should take advantage of nearby resources like student assistance offices or reserve affordable off-campus housing close to UCL to ensure they don’t miss the opportunity..

Top Universities that offer Internship Programs in the UK

Loughborough University 


Both placement year students and final year students at Loughborough University are eligible for internship opportunities.

The marketing functions covered by the internships are tailored to each intern’s abilities and background. Internship proghrams include: 

  • Biotechnology 
  • Molecular Biology 
  • Pharmacology and Drug Discovery 

Anglia Ruskin University  Students at Anglia Ruskin University have access to summer internship opportunities. Students may work either part-time or full-time hours throughout this 12-week summer internship program.

This internship is entirely financed by the university for the first six weeks. Students are paid at a rate of £9.50 per hour. These are accessible to undergraduate students in a variety of subject areas.



Coventry University


Students can complete paid internships and consultancy assignments at Coventry University. However, the employer must interview them and choose them. Students must maintain regular attendance and exhibit outstanding academic performance in order to be approved for the internship.

These courses are offered in the UK to assist students in adjusting to the working environment, business practices, and employability training.

Students can directly collaborate with the Skills Team to get ready for prospective interviews and employment opportunities. UWE Bristol 


Students at UWE Bristol are permitted to do paid internship for startups, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. The students undergoing paid internship are paid about £2,812 in accordance with the Living Wage Foundation’s recommendations regarding suitable pay and national costs.

Only University students have access to CareerHub, where internships are listed. Only undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the internships. The internship are project-based and remote in order to enhance the student’s resume.

Methods of Application to Universities that offer Internship Programs in the UK

The application processes for undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programmes for universities outside of the UK and in the UK that provide internship programmes are a bit different.

For UG admissions, UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) and direct applications are occasionally used. To do this, you must register and finish your application on the UCAS website.

While certain institutions, notably the Universities of Brighton and St. Andrews, also accept direct applications from students, the majority of UK universities only accept applications that have been validated through UCAS.Candidates for graduate and doctoral degrees may apply directly to the university.

Other UK Universities in that Offer Paid Internships

Obtaining an internship in the UK as an international student

All international students will undoubtedly think about this at some point. However, all students could get a fantastic internship opportunity and a decent employment with a few simple modifications.

When searching for internships in the UK for international student, the websites listed below are a good place to start.


Among students in the UK, Milkround is one of the most well-liked job search engines. By offering quick and easy templates for cover letters, job applications, and resumes, Milkround aids students in developing a stronger professional image. Therefore, Milkround is a must-see platform if you need internship in the uk.


Supported by the UK Council, GOV.UK is an official website that provides students with a range of employment options, including permanent positions, part-time jobs, apprenticeships, and internships in the UK.


You’ll receive a lot of assistance from your peers at Student Circus, which will enable you to land better employment and internship offers from reputable UK firms.

Additionally, a lot of these firms are ready to sponsor work visas for UK graduates, enabling you to secure internships or long before you arrive in the UK. 


Similar to Facebook, Target Jobs has thousands of threads about internship openings, discussions, online workshops, and other things.

With the platform, you can browse a variety of sector job postings and expand your network to provide yourself improved internship opportunities in the UK.


Rate My Placement is an easy filter website to add your portfolio and experience and generate traction amongst hundreds of UK employers.

Moreover, students can also explore numerous perks of Rate My Placement such as employer reviews, company credentials and advice pages to read all the information related to career and personal development. This will increase your chances of getting internsfip in the UK.

How to turn your internship in the UK into a Job

  • Conduct research 

Do your homework to find out which companies in your desired industry are recognized for hiring students for internship and how many they hire per year if you want to land a job through an internship. 

Start your research early because these internships in the UK are inevitably in high demand and most applications must be submitted many months in advance. Utilize their website or the human resources line to learn as much as you can.

  • Pick the firm wisely. 

Be picky about the firms you apply to. Send applications to organizations you respect and admire. Those with strong internship programs and organizations where you may be sure you’ll have wonderful internship opportunities.

Your motivation will increase, and you’ll automatically give your best effort. Remember that this doesn’t just mean submitting applications for internships at big, well-known businesses. Take a look at start-ups and small businesses also! 

  • Know your Skill

Treat the internship interview like a job interview by outlining your skills, knowledge, and the value you can provide to the company. Yes, you are there to learn from experts in the field, but you can also contribute by offering your insights.

  • Show off your commitment

Be steadfast in your commitment and zeal. Not least because there could be days when you don’t accomplish anything or the work is boring, internships in the UK can be difficult.

While interning in the UK, never arrive late, don’t take days off unless absolutely essential, and always offer to help, even if it just just getting coffee or making copies.

  • Following someone 

While on internship in the UK, observing someone else perform a new skill is the best method to learn it. You’ll pick up new abilities more quickly as a result, which is great for employers.

  • Network 

Get networking with individuals across the organization since people prefer to work with people they like.

Join as many organizations, groups, or initiatives as you can to stand out, and try to join coworkers who are out for drinks after work. This will make transitioning to a permanent employee easier from internship in the UK.

  • Make your desires clear. 

If you’ve ever heard the proverb, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get,” it couldn’t be more true in this instance. At the interview stage, bring up the possibility of finding employment following the internship in the UK and keep bringing it up subtly.

Ask for a review a few weeks prior to your internship’s conclusion and inquire as to whether you are still on track.


Finally, since we are talking about internships done mostly by students in the vocational field, it will be great to let you know about the best countries for vocational education. You will sure have a good read.

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