Universities in Europe that Accept HND for Masters 

There are many Universities in Europe, that accept HND Certificates, for Master’s programs. However, your certificate must be related to the discipline you are applying to. Although receiving a higher education overseas is a fantastic achievement and a once-in-a-lifetime chance, the costs are frequently very high.

Imagine if you could eliminate the “high charges” component. Cool right? This means that you will find the ideal place abroad, where you may benefit from the low tuition fees and generally low living expenses to obtain your Master’s degree in Europe with just an HND qualification.

Why should you consider studying in Europe?

The importance of having a global view is rising and businesses of all kinds are looking for employees that are prepared to venture beyond their “comfort zone.” Learning in Europe is a wise move toward making an investment in your career. Numerous countries in Europe propose to foreign students lucrative post-graduation job prospects. 

You’re very likely to receive a job opportunity and be able to reside for a long time if you study in Europe, which is why it is a smart choice. Many of the outstanding academic institutions around the world are located in Europe. In Europe, scholars from all around the world collaborate to enhance knowledge.

There are hundreds of schools and universities in Europe, and each one provides many English-language courses. Students these days have access to a wide range of educational options, from the arts to the sciences and from the tiniest institutions to the greatest ones. Anyone seeking something can find what they are searching for.

In a number of European nations, there are no tuition fees for university study. Numerous financial aid programs are offered to individuals to assist in covering the cost of their schooling. Things are made accessible even for students on a limited budget and with jam-packed semester calendars because of the plethora of reduced airplane, rail, and bus options, in addition to the comparatively short trip times.

 You may swiftly and easily get a student visa if you are not a citizen of Europe but want to study in one of the 26 nations that make up the Schengen Area. Consider all the fantastic things you can discover and do even if you are not near a university. You have access to tens of thousands of prospective applicants since several colleges give Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English. 

In the majority of European nations, English proficiency is relatively good. Because of this, it is worthwhile to attempt learning at least the basics of Polish, Portuguese, German, or Swedish, even if you know you will eventually need English in daily life.

Universities in Europe that Accept HND for Masters
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What are the advantage of HND over Bachelor’s Degree

For those with an HND, the reality that the qualification is career-based is a huge bonus. Due to the vocational and technical components of an HND, you might be able to obtain employment while you are studying. Combining your studies and professional experience will help you develop the abilities recruiters value and establish relationships that will aid in your post-graduation career hunt.

HND graduates are not limited to administrative posts, in contrast to bachelor’s degree graduates. Since they appreciate the practical competence that the HND offers, individuals with an HND are prioritized abroad above their peers with a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, compared to those with bachelor’s degrees, HND graduates find it simpler to locate positions overseas which enable them to work and study together.

Emphasizing the significance of your technical training and career development expertise, which is what many university students miss, is the quickest approach to making the most of your HND. It is essential to emphasize professional experience while seeking employment; highlighting your academic and career-based skill set acquired throughout your HND will surely put you on a high platform.

Wes Evaluation of HND for masters application

Students who have a 2nd class lower, third class, HND, or OND degree are typically encouraged to have WES assess their credentials. If you want to pursue a master’s, professional license, or work abroad, occasionally you might want to have your certificate assessed. 

The WES examination assures that your educational credentials from your home universities are acknowledged. You can review the list of required papers on the WES web page according to your requirements.

If you are attempting to obtain a scholarship, a WES assessment is also one of the factors that might make you stand out. Companies, professional licensing agencies, and academic institutions are all supported by WES. Except for your transcripts and sometimes your certificates, there is normally no special documentation needed to work.

The institutions you choose will then consider your applications using the WES-evaluated qualification. If you want to find work opportunities in these nations, this survey will also help you to determine the professions for which you have the necessary academic background.

Can a HND holder go for masters?

Your Higher National Diploma (HND) will allow you to pursue studies abroad. You may be eligible for a postgraduate diploma or a straight Master’s program with your HND (PGD). HND is recognized by educational institutions in the US, Canada, the UK, and several other nations.

Please take notice that this information may change. Visit any of the institutions’ websites below for additional information on how to apply for undergraduate programs with an HND. 


Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Europe

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Spain

Universidad de Alicante: Spain

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid: Spain

Universidad de Granada: Spain

Universidad Politécnica de València: Spain

Universidad de Sevilla: Spain

Universidad Pompeu Fabra: Spain

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona: Spain

Universidad de Salamanca: Spain

Universidad de Murcia: Spain

Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña: Spain

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Spain


Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Switzerland

Université de Genève: Switzerland

Université de Lausanne: Switzerland

Universität Bern : Switzerland

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Netherlands

Technische Universiteit Delft: Netherlands

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen: Netherlands

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: Netherlands

Wageningen Universiteit : Netherlands

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Ireland

Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin): Ireland

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Czech Republic

Univerzita Karlova: Czech Republic

Masarykova univerzita: Czech Republic

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in France

Université de Lille: France

Sorbonne Université: France

Université Paris-Saclay: France

Université Grenoble Alpes: France

Université de Paris: France

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Italy

Politecnico di Milano: Italy

Università degli Studi di Bologna : Italy

Università degli Studi di Padova: Italy

Sapienza Università di Roma: Italy

Politecnico di Torino: Italy

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Italy
Source: blog.oncallinternational.com

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Norway

Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet: Norway

Universitetet i Bergen: Norway

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Belgium

Universiteit Gent: Belgium

Université Catholique de Louvain: Belgium


Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Sweden

Umeå Universitet: Sweden

Linköpings Universitet: Sweden

Stockholms universitet: Sweden

Göteborgs universitet: Sweden

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Netherlands and Denmark

Universiteit Twente: Netherlands

Aarhus Universitet: Denmark

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Portugal

Universidade do Porto: Portugal

Universidade de Lisboa: Portugal


Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Finland and Poland

Tampereen yliopisto: Finland

Aalto-yliopisto: Finland

Uniwersytet Warszawski : Poland

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in Finland and Poland
Source: researchinpoland.org

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in the UK

Swansea University: UK

University of Essex: UK

University of Plymouth: UK

 University of South Wales: UK

 University of Hertfordshire: UK

Edinburgh Napier University: UK

University of Suffolk: UK

 Buckinghamshire New University: UK

 University College Birmingham: UK

Solent University: UK

Robert Gordon University: UK

 University of Sunderland: UK

 Sheffield Hallam University: UK

 Bedfordshire University : UK

 UWE Bristol: UK

 Salford University: UK

 Cardiff Metropolitan: UK

Universities that accept HND for masters degree in the UK
Source: migrationobservatory.ox.ac.uk

You should not feel bad about having an HND or think you cannot advance until you get a bachelor’s degree. The best thing is that you could use your HND to obtain a Master’s degree or enroll in a study overseas and receive financial aid. I hope this post has provided some insight for those who wish to use their diploma to change the world.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors that some universities in Europe do not offer HND for master’s degrees, however, on the research carried out, these are the institutions I could find. Kindly do well to visit the website of these schools, look for the contact information and reach out to them to garner more information. Feel free to share the information you may get on this post, I will be glad to get some feedback from you. 

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  1. You have been very helpful with all these Information Dorcas. However, I have my sights set on Germany. Is it far fetched?
    Can you kindly furnish any information regarding schools in Germany that accept HND (even if with the Studienkollegen)?

    1. Hello, @mechanical-walter, I didn’t find any in the course of my research. However, I saw a video sometime where someone said university of Greifswald, university of Siegen, university of Passau all in Germany accept HND. Like I always say, it’s based on the research I made . Kindly reach out to the school to learn more. Also furnish us with the feedback you get. Thank you.

  2. Really nice information. I had no idea many countries in Europe accept HND for masters. I thought it was only in the UK. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve learnt something new today.