What is the Cost of Living in Canada in 2022?

A lot of people who are eager to move to Canada do not know about the cost of living in Canada. It seems more like a more accommodating country. Many people choose  scholarships in Canada for good reasons. Living in Canada may not be just as pleasant as it sounds. The cost of living in Canada as a student can be less overwhelming especially if you are fully sponsored. Do you have plans or relocating to Canada? Knowing the cost will help you prepare and adjust better.

The cost of living in Canada is relatively fair. It is not as difficult as living in some African countries. Reserving accommodation and setting up gets a little expensive. It could take over half of one’s earnings. Working for the government is quite sustainable because public services are excellent.

You can boast of quality living, effective governance, and working systems in the health and education sector. This explains why most migrants consider living in Canada. Cities with a higher cost of living in Canada are cities with a larger population. It is possible to live as an average earner.

Best cities in Canada with affordable cost of living

You can look out for smaller cities within Ontario and Quebec city if you are keen on finding affordable Canadian cities. This works perfectly for young people that are perhaps still trying to find their way around life. Your cost of living as a student in cities like this will not be above you. You don’t have to beat yourself for it. It is also very possible to visit other cities and neighboring cities for leisure and entertainment.

In Val-d’or, Quebec, it is quite easy to have a safe landing. It is an environment with a high interest in mining. Newcomers exposed to mining jobs will not have it tough here. Wetaskiwin is the cheapest city in Alberta. Agriculture and tourism are leading economies here.

You can also consider Saint-Marie, Quebec. Yes, you can live in Canada and not overspend. You should be on the lookout for cities within Quebec and Ontario for an inexpensive stay in Canada. There is also Drummondville, Quebec; Sarnia, Ontario; Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec; Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. You don’t have to break the bank to live in these places.

Asides from the fact that the cost of living in Canada is relatively affordable, it is also a city to consider for recreation.  Some options of places to explore for leisure when planning your next trip to Canada are

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The cost of living in Canada as a student

The cost of living as a student in Canada is not overbearing. It is better to relocate to Canada as a scholarship student. Even if that is not achievable, you can still work your way comfortably around your city of residence.

Canada has a quite advanced economy and ranks as the 10th largest in the world. Canada is also one of few countries that offer huge scholarship opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate programs. Of course, there won’t be such a rush for a country that offers just a little.

What to know about Canada

There’s nature and serenity to enjoy in Canada. Living in Canada will also place a demand on you to learn English and French language if it’s not a language you have already gained competence in. The country is also close to the United States.

It is also important to factor in other aspects that are not monetary. It is a country that has made a name for its healthcare system. They say “health is wealth”. You will be making the right choice to relocate to a country that provides you with quality healthcare service and facilities. Your chances of dying from illness in a country like that must be slim. The Canadian government offers free healthcare insurance to both citizens and permanent residents. You can also apply for public health insurance if you have intentions to stay longer than your study period.

Living in Canada is a great idea. There is a vast ethnic diversity. The country accommodates and respects the cultural and ethnic differences of its citizens. You can also be assured of your safety and security. It is very possible to thrive in a country like this. There are several provinces in Canada with their different peculiarities, giving you options to choose from.

Do you mind living in Quebec, you will experience more French-speaking people here. There is Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. Housing and acquiring a landed property would cost some money. Asides from real estate costs, Canada is an inexpensive country.

Things work better in advanced countries like this. What is the cost of living in Canada, is nothing compared to the cost of living in some African countries like Nigeria. When systems in place work, it is cheaper for the residents of such countries to live.

Source: cicnews.com

Expensive areas to live in Canada.

Although living in Canada is moderately inexpensive, there are still places where the cost of living is on the high side. Many times, what causes a high cost of living in Canada like in other places is the population. Overpopulated places in Canada have a higher cost of living.


Toronto leads the list of expensive places in Canada. It is the most populated city in Canada. Living here costs a lot more than living in other places in the country. If you’re a student or looking forward to enjoying the wealth of good governance and an inexpensive life, Toronto is not a place to consider.

Owning land and houses costs so much. As a student, finding a house you can afford in Toronto will mean finding a house on the outskirt of town. This already incurs transportation costs such as boarding the subway, or car, and alone costs about $156. Toronto is a beautiful city, especially for the wealthy. This explains the overpopulation there.

Mississauga, Ontario is very close to Toronto and is also costly to live in. Most Toronto residents reside here to the cut-down cost of housing and proximity. Also, because Toronto is populated, living in Mississauga is an alternative. This has extended the increase in the cost of living from Toronto to here.

Vancouver in British Columbia is another expensive city. The cost of living in Vancouver is similar to that of Toronto. Boarding the city’s subway and streetcar is slightly cheaper but it is a city with the most expensive gas prices. This makes owning vehicles here a bit of luxury.

Expensive places in Canada are not all urban areas. Some remote areas are also at a high cost. Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories is one such place. One major factor causing an expensive livelihood here is the importation of foods and utilities from other parts of the country.

Ottawa, which is the capital city of the country, is also an expensive option. As the capital city, it houses elites and men in power. This already increases the standard of living and in turn, affects the prices of things. It is a big option for migrants who are not looking forward to starting a job soon. You will have to do a lot of adjusting or starving to survive in a place like this.

Source planetware.com

Planning a trip to Canada on a budget

You can navigate your way around the country as an expat even with the cost. This is why you mustn’t plan your trips without considering survival. Canada is a beautiful city to savor if you get busy. You have the luxury of connecting with elites living in expensive cities. 

Having a healthy network is also at a cost, right? So if you are a business owner in a city like Ottawa, navigating this will help you grow your brand and increase your cost in turn, remember you are meeting new people who can afford a high standard of life. They should be able to afford your high cost of products. You can save money when traveling to Canada if you take advantage of cheaper times. See here.

Canada is a city everyone wants to have a feel of. Are you planning on just visiting and not living? Then you could draw out a budget and stick by it. Pay attention to cheaper cities and book all that you will need to reserve on time.

Overall, Canada is a moderately inexpensive country to live in. Systems work and jobs are available. Canada is one of the countries with the lowest rate of unemployment. There is the availability of jobs not only for citizens but new residents. You can live with a high standard and functional government in Canada. Taxes are not so overwhelming so starting up a business here or relocating your business location to Canada will still help your business.

A few things to suffer in Canada are the excess cold, and proximity of cities and territories, the country incurs import tax rates since goods and services must first come in through the United States. What is most enjoyable here is the high standard of living. The cost of living in Canada is not such a hard nut to crack because getting employed and growing a business is easier than in a lot of countries. Thinking of where to relocate to? You should consider Canada.


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